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Flekosteel articular cartilage is a very special structure designed to carry loads and provide painless movement in the joint for many years. It acts as a cushion by covering the faces of the bones that make up the joint. Articular cartilage can be damaged in various ways. Over the years, it gets old and first softens, then it falls out by fringing and the bone underneath is revealed.

This condition, known as calcification among the people, is called osteoarthritis or arthrosis and is the result of wear and tear that occurs with age. Flekosteel this widespread wear is irreversible and requires first and then. There is currently no known method for osteoarthritis that regenerates cartilage.

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Flekosteel what is it for on the other hand, in young individuals, regional damage may occur in the articular cartilage, especially due to the impacts that occur during sports. In such cases, cartilage regenerative can be performed because only a part of the articular cartilage is damaged and the rest is intact. Flekosteel how does it work the subject of this article is the options in regional cartilage injuries in these young individuals.

The most important symptom of cartilage injuries is pain focused on the relevant area of ​​the joint. Swelling may occur in the joint due to the increase in joint fluid what is it for. This swelling increases with activity or sports and decreases with rest. It can cause complaints such as snagging, jamming, locking in the joint. If there is a broken piece, patients can feel a piece floating freely in the joint. This piece is called the joint mouse.

Arthrosis may develop over time, as the load-bearing properties of the joint will deteriorate in cartilage injuries over a certain size how does it work. Cartilage injuries most commonly occur as a result of blows to the joint. This can occur during a sports competition or after a traffic accident, due to direct blows to the joint. It is most commonly seen in the knee joint.

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Flekosteel ingredients cartilage injuries in the knee may be accompanied by meniscus and cruciate ligament injuries, and their symptoms may also occur.In addition, regional cartilage injuries may occur in fractures or dislocations involving the joint balm. Kneecap bone and shoulder dislocations are the most common examples. Another way of being.

It is the cartilage damage that occurs as a result ingredients of the called osteochondritis dissecans, which occurs due to the malnutrition of the bone under the articular cartilage and this unnurtured area is separated from the healthy bone and becomes free composition. For the diagnosis of cartilage injuries, your first listens to the way the event occurs and its symptoms.

If he thinks that there may be cartilage damage with a detailed examination side effects, he will apply to imaging methods. First, x-rays are taken here, an idea about the bone structures forming the joint can be obtained, and a diagnosis can be made if there is a previous fracture or osteochondritis dissecans. If there are dislocations concerning the joint contraindications, symptoms related to this can be detected.

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Then, if your deems it necessary, magnetic resonance imaging of the relevant joint can be performed. The diagnosis of large and full-thickness cartilage damage can be easily confirmed with how to apply. However, standard MRI may not always be successful in the diagnosis of incomplete cartilage injuries. In certain cases, Your may request an MR-arthrography examination taken by intravenous or intra-articular contrast material.

If other symptoms are strongly suggestive of cartilage injury, your may recommend arthroscopy for both diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. With arthroscopy see section the diagnosis of cartilage damage can be made definitively. Cartilage damage in the non load-bearing area of ​​the joint and smaller than 1 cm 2 can only be followed with intermittent follow-up if it does not cause complaints.

However, is required in symptomatic cartilage injuries located in the load-bearing region and larger than 1 cm, supplements such as glucosamine, physical therapy methods and intra-articular hyaluronic acid injections can be tried, but these do not have therapeutic properties and only suppress the symptoms for a while.

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Flekosteel price in young adults, the of cartilage injuries is often begins with arthroscopy, and if there are other accompanying intra-articular problems, they are corrected. Later, the procedure for the cartilage can be done with arthroscopic or open. It is a method used in limited cartilage injuries smaller than 3cm2. After the damaged area is cleaned of cartilage residues, holes are drilled into the bone at 5 mm intervals and extending a few mm deep.

Through these holes, a path is opened for stem cells in the bone marrow to reach the damaged area. Flekosteel how much does it cost stem cells that settle into the blood clot formed in the damaged area have the ability to transform into cartilage-like cells when the appropriate environment is provided. In recent years, roof implants called matrix have been developed so that this clot can better adhere to the damaged area and organize.

These membrane-shaped tissues, mostly made of price, can be adhered to the damaged area after micro-fracture is made. Until new cartilage-like tissue is formed, it is necessary to protect the joint from loading by using crutches for six to eight weeks postoperatively. Similarly how much does it cost, for the formation of this cartilage repair tissue.

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Flekosteel pharmacy you need to work with a continious passive motion device that moves the joint slowly and in a controlled manner for a few weeks in the postoperative period. This device can be used by renting at home when needed where to buy. The advantages of the micro-fracture method are that it is an easy and inexpensive technique for the patient and physician where to buy, requires a single and can be performed with arthroscopy.

It is often the first preferred method in small-scale cartilage damage pharmacy. However, the most important disadvantage of the technique is that the repair tissue formed is cartilage-like. This tissue is different from normal cartilage and cannot be in pharmacies expected to function like normal cartilage for many years. Flekosteel Jumia in recent years, the most researched and dazzling scientific developments are in the field of cartilage transplantation.

Flekosteel amazon in this technique, before cartilage damage is detected by arthroscopy, a few millimeters of cartilage tissue in the form of chips is taken from the non-load-bearing region of the joint. Flekosteel manufacturer this tissue is processed in a laboratory environment under sterile conditions and is produced by multiplying the cartilage cells in it. Flekosteel Kenya the new cartilage cells formed after this procedure, which lasts for amazon a few weeks.

Are transplanted to the damaged area Jumia, this time with open. In cartilage transplantation techniques called first generation, these cells were injected under a membrane-shaped tissue taken from the tissues around the knee and sutured to the damaged area manufacturer. The most important advantage of cartilage transplantation techniques is that the patient’s own cells can be transferred to the damaged area in the desired Kenya amount without damaging any tissue.

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Flekosteel reviews there is no size limit and texture can be produced in desired diameter and height. The new cartilage tissue formed is much closer to normal articular cartilage. The disadvantages of the technique are that it requires two and is expensive. Although it is a very new method, successful results have been reported in 80-90% of the patients in over ten years of follow-up in the world. The postoperative period is similar to other techniques.

Flekosteel opinions articular cartilage does not have the ability to renew itself in adults. Currently, there is no method that regenerates the damaged joint cartilage in its original state. Cartilage damage on the load-bearing surface and larger than 1 cm2 usually shows a progressive course and ends with widespread wear and arthrosis in the joint.

Flekosteel forum for this reason, cartilage repair is tried with various techniques in the of limited articular cartilage injuries , especially in patients under the age of 45 . When choosing these methods. Features such as the size of the cartilage damage depth reviews whether the underlying bone is affected duration are taken into account. In addition, patient age characteristics such as activity level and the patient’s weight-height ratio are evaluated.

If there are concomitant problems such as meniscus tear opinions, anterior cruciate ligament rupture, misalignment of the knee joint, they should be corrected before or simultaneously with the cartilage repair procedure. It is the most widely applied cartilage repair method today. It is often done arthroscopically, that is, while viewing the joint through forum small holes with the help of a camera.

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