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The Universal Test and Treat (UTT) Policy means that anyone who tests positive for HIV can start taking ARVS immediately, no matter what your CD4 count is. It is better to start your ARV regime as soon as possible to avoid getting sick.

Taking your ARVs every day, at the same time and exactly your doctor or nurse have prescribed, means that you are adhering to your treatment. There are many benefits to adhering to your ARV regimen.

Telling someone about your HIV positive status is an important step in successfully adhering to your ART. Evan though disclosure can be scary, disclosing to a trusted person, as early as possible, can be rewarding because of the benefits of love, acceptance and support.

Viral Load Suppression means that the amount of HIV cells in your blood is less than 50 copies of HIV per a ml. This does not mean that HIV is cured in your body, but that there is only a small amount of HIV in your bloodstream.

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