Sex is part of life. Sex is also about many different things. Sex can be about having children and a family. It can be about the physical feeling or the experience of how our bodies give and receive pleasure. Sex can be about lust and desire. It can be about wanting intimacy and the need to feel close to someone. Sex can also be about power. Or sex can be about having fun and sharing affection and love with your partner. Whatever sex means to you, it is related to different kinds of sexual behaviour.

Sex can be for recreation (pleasure), because you’re in a relationship (feeling connected to someone) or for reproduction (having babies). For many of us sex has nothing to do with reproduction (having babies), though this can come later in our lives if we decide to have a family. This means that for most people sex is about having fun and is a normal part of our relationships. Apart from sex just feeling good, it can bring us closer to our partner. There is also masturbation which is when we give ourselves sexual pleasure. Masturbation is a healthy response to your sexual needs and an orgasm is also a great stress release.

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About Brothers for Life

Brothers for Life promote positive male norms and encourage the uptake of health services such as Medical Male Circumcision (MMC), Men taking up HIV Testing, Consistent condom use by Men and reduction of sexual partners. The campaign mobilises men to actively engage in activities to address Gender-Based Violence (GBV) in their communities.