Meet Jabu Sepologo: The Brothers for Life Fathers Day Super Dad

Meet Jabu Sepologo: The Brothers for Life Fathers Day Super Dad


  • Jabu Sepologo
How being a dad is super

Mzansi men may have been named as the worst nation when it comes to fathers who abandon their children – with a staggering 10 million children raised without their fathers – but for Jabu Sepologo this seems to be a different story.

Although Jabu who hails from the vibrant kasi of Soshanguve, north of Pretoria had not planned to have his five-month-old daughter, Rearabilwe he had to quickly adjust and accept that he had become a father for the second time.

From the moment his partner broke the news about the pregnancy he knew that the baby comes with a lot of responsibilities including not only being called a daddy but emotional and financial support.

“When my partner told me about the pregnancy I got a little bit of shock but later my heart was filled with joy. I knew that she needed me and that became the source of my strength in dealing with the situation.”

He recalls getting compliments from the nurses at Saulsville clinic when he and his partner went for antenatal clinics.

“I used to feel good when staff at the clinic would shower me with praises about being a responsible man. It made me feel good about myself and also became a challenge that I needed to make my children feel good by ensuring that I give them the best as a dad.

Apart from getting compliments from the clinics which of course would make him excited- he would also find joy when he periodically has to get his partner a pie – a steak and kidney – as she often craved it. Sometimes he would be so surprised that she craves for avocado with chips and it wouldn’t make sense to him but just laughter while alone.

This 30- year-old man who also fathers an eight-year old son attributes his stunning parental style which is not only just a surname being given to a baby but the time and the creativity that is always needed raising a baby – to his father whom he calls his role-model.

“I was raised by both parents who were very strict but with all that I learned that the love that comes with both mom and dad is a good foundation for you as a child and may also shape your life as an adult in future.

He recently lost his job as a medical male circumcision recruiter but that this has not changed much instead it has given him more time to spend with his little angel – as he affectionately calls her.
He says every morning when he wakes up he thinks about his lifetime responsivity which is being a role mode to his children. His son, Bokamuso lives with his mother in Kimberley but he still makes time to travel to the diamond rich town to be with his son.

“When my son was born I was myself a baby but I told myself that with “lejita laka- a township slang for my son -” here I would have to lead the way as a dad. The experience of raising children is always amazing. The lessons I have learned from my children are that all kids in Mzansi need their dads in their lives. Kids make you complete as a man. The love is a natural one which no one can break” he says with a grin.

Jabu’s Tips
* Always find time to be with your little ones
* Only have a baby when you are ready because it comes with a lot of responsibilities
* Be prepared to adjust everything including time with friends and even your income

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