Brothers for Life Comments

Brothers for Life Comments

2023-02-11 08:18:41
A real man protects his dignity,and respects everyone around him.

Thulani setle
2023-02-13 23:05:36
being a member of brother4life campaign, is for making a difference among existing mans who dnt care or dnt take note about issue that directly affect us and indirectly affect our loved ones. ngi enza kahle,im doing the the right thing.

2023-02-22 10:31:27
new man has come,im nhlanhla myeza,29yrs,married to my beutiful wife Mpumi,having 3 beutiful kids.ive been threatend by my wife’s bigger salary than mine,and started to think dat she’s seing better man than me in thier board meetings.who wears nice suits while i wear overalls.ended up cheating on her.i stoped it when i joined dis stil need help brothers!

2023-02-24 09:32:42
brothers let us enjoy the resonsibilities that god gave us,that is to take good care of the loved ones ,let us not abuse our children.i will be glad if we can sometimes talk about things like (how do to control anger,)Reginald

2023-03-04 09:47:25

2023-03-05 15:25:30
I believe communication should be the master key to a relationship. and men should take care of their loved ones.and no men should abuse his woman and children. MEN LETS DO THE RIGHT THING, LETS NOT TURN A BLIND EYE ON OUR LOVED ONES.

Isaya Yunge
2023-03-05 21:53:53
I am Isaya Zephania Yunge from Tanzania and i would love to take this opportunity to congratulate you for your unique Campaign BROTHER FOR LIFE, i love it because from the moment i see your Advt in TV i was touched and moved by the Messages and how it have portrayed.
Then i decided to be involved by spreading the News about the Campaign, i designed my picture and put the your message on it then i shared with my friends on Facebook, am glad because i got a lot of comments and am sure the messages was sent.
I am a Founder of Junior 9 Foundation, a youth organization which work to tackle HIV/AIDS spread by Educating people especially Street Children, we support street and vulnerable children to get primary education……and I am a Brother For Life.
I would love to get involved in any ways. My God will reward you for what your doing.

2023-03-08 12:44:17
I am a man who is in love with another man, and do not have multiple partners as the gay stereotype suggets. NgiYenza’khatle!

2023-03-09 16:23:15
this is the time we show our women that we apreciate their existence

2023-03-10 11:07:46
I thank God 4 your existence and the good work u are doing. U give us women hope that eventually we will be safe in this country. Carry on, Rome was not built in one day. Your impact will eventually be felt. From Nonkululeko

2023-03-17 11:30:55
He says his a good man, a brother for life but he doesn’t know how his child is doing, He drive expensive car and wear designer labels.What do you call a man who doesn’t have time for his only child? same man you cared for supported to reach his goals, a man you’ve been with through thick and thin. Did you ever think that he would see your child as a problem. When he was told am expecting he said am ruining his life I’m evil, same brother who promised me the world. What about your child brother? does he ever crosses your mind brother….brother don’t have conscious.what comes into mind when u put a spoon of food on your mouth?

2023-03-30 15:05:50
I am involved in a fellowship program that deals with the homeless man and women,and I would like to have someone from who can come and motivate them,as well as advise them.Some one who can help get through life.and see the light…..thank you Amandla

2023-04-05 17:44:39

2023-04-13 03:38:48
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2023-04-23 05:42:07

ngamela fadane
2023-04-23 13:03:51
I am the man that will protect my family from the danger.I am the man who valued women becouse it is the right thing to do.
I am the man who knows the difference between right and wrong ,I am the man

2022-05-14 08:49:58

2022-05-18 11:46:01
Thanx guys for allowing me to be part of brother 4 life.lets protect our woman & children.i am a brother 4 life.

2022-05-18 12:02:53
It is a great thing that i did in my life to join Brothers for Life, i’m a 23 years of age and a student at UFS. My life turned to be better after deciding to be myself and not impressing guys anymore. I can atest that have been single for quite a long time and i’m looking forward to be honest and trustfull to my next partner, and for sure i will be responsible for anything under my accountability.
You are doing a great work Guys, United nation goes somewhere!

2022-05-18 12:05:36
How do I become a more active brother?? I’m a University student and would like to make my contribution towards this movement. here’s an idea: why don’t we open BFL clubs within the various universities across south africa, spreading towards the SADC region, upper Africa and hopefully one day the world?? Lets not restrict this movement; men, are after all, dispersed across the planet.

2022-05-18 12:12:21
I am staying on a rural area.our fellow brothers are ignorant would u pls do road shows everywhere!is a young s.a man i say lets unite and support one another!i am a brother4life 4 ever

2022-05-18 12:24:00
brothers for life is a new version that stimulate males agenda to more accountable and realised that power is not physical but through pschological strategic

2022-05-19 14:10:36
men lets use our enrgy and hands to work hardb for our families not to hurt our loved ones but t5o make them haappy and free

2022-05-19 17:22:19
keep on doing the great job that you are doing

2022-05-20 14:29:39
I am a brother for life im faithfull to my one and only lover

2022-05-20 16:17:44
weman and children are the roses of this world and we man need to make sure that we protect them and protect the futer of this cauntry and make sure that they make us their protection and we deffenetly must be

2022-05-20 16:52:34
Thank God for bringing this new man in SA. Im fortunate enough to have u as my brother, I am 23 yrz and now engaged to my beautiful Nonkululeko. About 3yrz ago i was a womeniser as i thought, but it all changed the day my fiance n I went to the new start for blood test. I was scared but in Gods grace we were both negetive. Since that day i pledged to myself that im a 1 women man!. Live a stress free life, B A BROTHER 4 LIFE. YENZA KAHLE!

2022-05-20 16:54:29
B a brother 4 life, yenza kahle

2022-05-20 18:57:32
lets create a culture of mentorship amongst each others, we sit & watch women supporting each other,and when they succed we start feeling insecure…women suport each other, so should we….

sunduza mhinga
2022-05-21 09:11:06
There’s no other love like the love for a brother. There’s no other love like the love from a brother..i am a brother for life

2022-05-21 13:30:37
In today’s life who should put our faith in to God’s hand to halp the South African man to give respect to our Mother’s , our Children’s and our Women too.
If you rape a child you destroy the future of tomorrow.
I would advice young people to listen to the old track of Stimela they have a song called (see the world through the eyes of the of a child). My believe is if you don’t respect your self you won’t be able to respect others .
Let us unite and fight crime and Domestic violence in our community .
God Bless all the positive man in South Africa.
Love from Mxolisi Majola

2022-05-21 23:27:46
I genuinely appreciate the program of BROTHERS FOR LIFE.I call on guyz to take responsible action against violence on ladies and young girls.Its shams Abdallah from Tanzania.

2022-05-23 21:25:55
Hi am a 21yr old male 4rm NW. I last saw my brother before my mother’s funeral, it was 2005. And this is affecting me a lot each and everyday. Strike lil bro i miss you a lot- Moyakhe!

2022-05-24 16:40:18
i am now a new man,a brother 4 life

Mr Yam
2022-05-24 19:45:49
my brother what you doing is what we all support to as brothers of this nation, but some of us fail because our wifes or girlfriends just dont want to appriciate us and we end up putting hand on them. but if there are still brothers like you there is hope for our little brothrs. contratulations and thank you for sharing your story. KEEP DOING WELL

melcome mahlathini
2022-05-26 12:54:18
as a young brother i say let us beat the pandemic of men being the sources of Hiv & aids but be the solution…phili.4 vers 13.

2022-05-26 13:40:51
In life there are many challenges and so are obstacles. These are caused by various things, including our brothers. I think it’s time fore brothers to make our homes,communities, streets,conmunities and the provincies and country better places to live in, I.t.o health and security. I think this campaign could create change… therefore please bring the campaign to the gound roots… door to door, kasi to kasi, city by city…Viva Brothers for Life!! and am a Bother For Life!!

2022-05-26 18:27:32

Mdokha Thando
2022-05-27 09:06:46
As a young man. I bealive that I must stick and be faithfull to one partner.
To not engage myself on sexual intercourse and drug abuse.

Mdokha Thando
2022-05-27 09:08:05
As a young man. I bealive that I must stick and be faithfull to one partner.
To not engage myself on sexual intercourse and drug abuse.

2022-06-02 14:38:19
In dealing with the issues of being responsible and exempary men the issue of stereotypes should be addressed thoroughly first. I live in Bophelong in the Vaal Triangle in Gauteng and I see this everyday. Young boys as young as 10 years old already think that to be seen as a proper man you have to be violent, drink beer, have multiple sex partners and be rebellious. Yes the work that brothers for liofe is doing is good but to what extent does it reach people? People are still trapped in stereotypes. If young people are already doing wrong things..where is the future in that? Do we even have a future? I am 19 years old and I myself was almost trapped in stereotypes but luckily unlike other children from my place I have access to the television, internet and went to good schools so I got to realise the reality. I believe if we could start by educating the young minds then something positive might come out of that. Gentlemen let us all hold hands together, unite and show the younger ones the way of living. show then the true sense of the word “man”. Let us not end by talking but let us act, go to high schools, motivate these young boys. I thank you

2022-06-04 06:11:06
A brother is some1 who treat others there way He want them to treated .ur wife n childrens they gift frm God.Suport,luv them.Do the right thing. frm Diouf @Thembisa

2022-06-04 12:43:42
Now in our dayz people have no fear of killing his entire family and ubuntu abusekho. My peers are sleeping with they mother because these next door lady don’t work and take advantage of that situation. Why don’t we help the needy family with money we are drinking. Let’s get rid of that mentality

dj kuda c
2022-06-12 11:03:30
Lets keep it up brothers for life,lets help each other to stop the spread of HIV and AIDS.One women for one man.Dont lets get test and be good to our woman and children.Lets be faithfull ,having many girlfriends or sleeping with a lot of woman doesn’t mean you are real man,it only means you dont care about life.Brothers lets build a better world for our kids so that they can have role models ,lets build a Aids and Poverty free generation and together w can make it.Lets not run away from our girlfriends when they fall pregnant ,lets be real man be there for her thru thick and thin real brothers dont run away when trouble comes .And lastly brother lets fight to provide Education , Food ,love and Shelter for every child.

2022-06-12 20:16:53
If one man can make at least one family or child happy, we will have a lot of happy SA citizens.More care less hate brothers.We can make a difference.

2022-06-14 15:52:57
Brothers lets all love our families and lets all understand thats they are part of our lives and they need our support.

2022-06-15 10:30:25

2022-06-15 11:15:14
Hi,I am Thato i have just joined this gr8 campaign. I choose 2 be a responsible and faithfull man.Though is tough to earn my trust back from those i previously hurt I wont give up if i dont win that task I will stay focused and recuperate by doin good 2 others.

2022-06-17 01:30:26
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2022-06-17 08:36:17
!stly, Thank you very much for such a great initiative, BrothersForLife is a great way to building a better future for the whole nation. We as men need to stand up and unite in order to have a better and brighter future. I feel very proud and honoured to part of such a great organisation. As of now i pledge to be a better man and take responsibility for the events that occure in my life. Yenza Kahle.

Sipho Ntusi
2022-06-18 08:19:37
brothers for is a wonderful campaign that shows that there are still men out there who are trying to make a change and who believe that our choices today determine the future women are the backbone of every successful generation,nation we as real men should go out of our way to love right I AM A BROTHER FOR LIFE AND AM PROUD TO SAY IT

2022-06-18 11:04:10
Brothers stand their grounds,knowing what’s true and wrong.For they never judge one another,for they accept no matter the circumstances.
I am indeed, a new BROTHER FOR LIFE and nothing will change that for life.

2022-06-18 20:00:08
Bringing a child into this world has gave me a new meaning to life. It has taught me love, responsibility and respect. I am now a new man – a son, dad, brother and partner. I stand for everything Brothers for Life stand for.

2022-06-20 14:19:06
im a brother for life,i respect myself and others..i use a condom

2022-06-20 14:20:16
Very well done to everyone who chose this lifestyle. I am very proud to be a man today. Espescially when i choose to respect my wife. I’m a 28year old married man who have respect for the rights of children,women,and those vulnerable persons. Make the choices to abstain or refrain from risky sexual behaviour. Go brothers!

2022-06-22 10:04:37
a brother should’nt be selfish of thinking for himself. he should protect his young sister and brothers cause they are the next generations NOT forgeting our beloved and strangers cause if we dont help them who will. lets be like animals, they care for their young ones, they dont abuse them

2022-06-22 21:19:11
a real man takes care of his family and knows what responsibilities are.

2022-06-23 11:23:21
brothers for life is good for our life. i prefer to use a condom every time with my partner.big up brothers for life.

2022-06-23 13:00:18
I believe that brother for life is the perso who love himself enough to repect himself and be able to do the right thing when comes to their responsibilities. we often excuse brothers for not being responsible. Men thay must start taking care of their children

2022-06-24 14:08:12
What abiut Free State? Is anything happaening there or what?

2022-06-28 10:29:15
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2022-06-30 09:57:16
I am a member of Batsumi men’s club, based in Kwa-Thema, Springs. I would like my club to make a meaningful contribution to the community. Can Bothers for life help the club, through me, to establish projects to achieve our goal.

2022-06-30 20:07:36
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prince oduaka c c
2022-07-01 11:21:07
Brotherhood is a collective responsibility,women are proud and an honourable gift endowed to us by God on the day of creation,so lets treat them with honour,respect and dignity because without them,life would have been meaningless and boring.So be a Bother for life.Say no to abuse in every ramifications.Treat yourself and every other person with love and respect.

2022-07-02 02:33:56
I am very completely new to this kind of
forum conversation thing
but I am eager to aid
and learn a whole lot, I hope. Especially in regards health and also the specific elements of nourishment and in my case exercise.
Anyway, simply saying hello and hope
to get along with for a while.

Jacob Ndlovu
2022-07-02 07:52:54
I m proud 2 be a brother 4 life

2022-07-02 14:54:24
A man is someone who takes charge of his sexual behaviour.Be yourself,be a lion and protect your ‘PRIDE”.

2022-07-05 14:30:27
just been blessed with a healthy baby boy & i must admit that he has change my life .now i value life & i’m no longer having many partners..we must encourage our girlfriends to support us..keep on doing doing the right thing brothers

2022-07-07 09:33:26
I will never lift a hand.I promise to responsible to all what I does with my partner.

Mbulelo Dyasi
2022-07-07 14:27:39
Eastern Cape is supporting Brothers for Live Campaign big time. Just watch & see after FIFA Soccer World Cup.
Mbulelo Dyasi
Eastern Cape Provincial Men’s Sector Chairperson

2022-07-07 17:03:56
how does this movement if am right to call it a movement make sure that all this thing that are said by this gracious men are beng put to practice.coz i think enough have been said but less have been done.thank you never the less

2022-07-07 22:42:53
A real man treats every one with respect.

2022-07-08 15:41:04
Gentlemen , i like this plattform adressing men issues and responsibility , may i suggest that we South african men use this plattform to adress xenophobia , if we stand together and fight against this hatred we see among brothers of color. if we SA men adress this surely the papertrators will learn a thing and stop this senseless violence.

2022-07-09 13:18:04
This is a great and innovative innitiative to take a responsibility path in your life. I thank brother for life for coming up with such a wonderful idea. How do i get more involve with brothers full time?

Prince Semosa
2022-07-09 16:03:47
World is a better place for you and for me, but only if us brothers make it happen by helping all the children to become the better brothers & sisters for tomorrow, and becoming the pillars of strength to all the woman & men of our communities who support his famaily through out emotionally and Spiritually “A brother for life never abondon his family for enyatsi(Girlfriend)A brother for life a mentor, a leader and all in all a carring figure for his family and the community.

2022-07-09 18:49:22
Lets spread the love brothers and stand by our families.I will stand by my family and you are all my brothers.

2022-07-12 12:49:15
a true man wont allow friends to dictate to him how he must treat a woman.

Obed Mabena
2022-07-12 19:53:28
First and foremost i would lyk to say big up to every brothers for life, i am one of those who are committed to be whatever it takes to be the real man, you really inspire me a lot guys.

2022-07-12 21:17:03
From shoulders down with! Good riddance! The better!

2022-07-13 16:52:36
A man is the 1st creature made by god, this means a man is important to god. so please guys lets respect god’s impontance. brothers are the main important thing in evry days life like a bull in the kraal. im a Brother 4 lyf

2022-07-15 11:36:02
i’m a man who does not fight with her girlfriend n could like all the in the world the same thing n i would to say big up to brother4life for come with this great idea viva viva brother4life.

2022-07-19 23:53:48
As a young brother for life i would love encourage my brothers for life to learn to forgive because it is for your own good.

2022-07-21 13:58:05
be a man who are trusted by his wife take care of your family no secrits

2022-07-21 15:17:28
A real brother does not give up, insteat he take every thing as challenge. So brothers lets get back our respect back by being responsible.

Black Mystic
2022-08-13 13:24:22
I believe whatever you do you have to look home first,where you come from,how you became what you became and most of all love yourself for you to love others.

2022-08-17 10:44:36
A real brother will respect and protect women and children, and let them know they are valued and cared for against any harm as long as a REAL BROTHER is around them… I am a Brother for Life and I respect women and children and do my best to my abilities to protect them…

2022-08-24 01:02:05
A real man doesn’t lift a hand on a woman,he defy that,hence i’m exhorting you brothers to act responsible on that one.

2022-09-27 13:39:53

2022-09-28 07:50:45
As long as people who have a say keep quite, no change will come to pass.Motivate,repremand,advice,consoul,council.PLEASE speak out.

2022-09-28 07:50:49
As long as people who have a say keep quite, no change will come to pass.Motivate,repremand,advice,consoul,council.PLEASE speak out.

2022-09-28 07:50:52
As long as people who have a say keep quite, no change will come to pass.Motivate,repremand,advice,consoul,council.PLEASE speak out.

2022-09-28 07:50:53
As long as people who have a say keep quite, no change will come to pass.Motivate,repremand,advice,consoul,council.PLEASE speak out.

2022-09-28 07:50:57
As long as people who have a say keep quite, no change will come to pass.Motivate,repremand,advice,consoul,council.PLEASE speak out.

2022-09-28 07:51:00
As long as people who have a say keep quite, no change will come to pass.Motivate,repremand,advice,consoul,council.PLEASE speak out.

2022-09-28 07:51:02
As long as people who have a say keep quite, no change will come to pass.Motivate,repremand,advice,consoul,council.PLEASE speak out.

2022-09-28 07:51:05
As long as people who have a say keep quite, no change will come to pass.Motivate,repremand,advice,consoul,council.PLEASE speak out.

2022-09-28 07:51:08
As long as people who have a say keep quite, no change will come to pass.Motivate,repremand,advice,consoul,council.PLEASE speak out.

2022-09-28 07:51:10
As long as people who have a say keep quite, no change will come to pass.Motivate,repremand,advice,consoul,council.PLEASE speak out.

2022-09-28 07:51:12
As long as people who have a say keep quite, no change will come to pass.Motivate,repremand,advice,consoul,council.PLEASE speak out.

2022-09-28 07:51:15
As long as people who have a say keep quite, no change will come to pass.Motivate,repremand,advice,consoul,council.PLEASE speak out.

2022-09-28 07:51:18
As long as people who have a say keep quite, no change will come to pass.Motivate,repremand,advice,consoul,council.PLEASE speak out.

2022-09-28 07:51:19
As long as people who have a say keep quite, no change will come to pass.Motivate,repremand,advice,consoul,council.PLEASE speak out.

2022-09-28 07:51:22
As long as people who have a say keep quite, no change will come to pass.Motivate,repremand,advice,consoul,council.PLEASE speak out.

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thulani mabena
2022-10-02 13:15:34
i would like to pledge my support for this great campaign..yes im a brother 4 life, will stay faithful to my girlfriend and proctect her against any deseases, love my daughter and family always…. B4L

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nkululeko zikalala
2022-10-23 17:51:58
greetings my concern is us as a youth are being shutout in this great/powerfull who it my consern my suggestion is plz involve us as youth as wil be the fathers,leathers and mostly husbands of tomoro these a say that that says umuthi ugotshwa usamanzi a response would be appreciated my contact no is 0790611349

2022-10-29 00:49:01
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Ma E
2022-10-29 12:50:37
Thank you so much for excellent initiative. I wish my fiance can join this and learn more about how to be a good father to our only son who’s 3 months old.He’s forever out not helping me with the baby and the worst part i found out that he’s cheating and tried to speak to the young woman he’s cheating with as well but she doesn’t wanna listen to me due to the lies she’s been told. I feel sory for the lady he’s cheating with and more embarrased about what he’s been doing when i went home for maternit

2022-10-29 14:30:49
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2022-11-02 11:25:49
I used to lift my hands on my patner b4. But not anymore and never again.I discovered that it doesn’t solve problems.I thought it was a way a man does to get things rite. Because i used to experience while growing up.I was 100% wrong.My advice to other brothers who are still doing so, stop now and love,respect,cherish ur patner and get profesional assistance.I have a beautiful 3 yrs old son. I want to be a good role model to him.The upbringing plays a big role in this.ASENZENI KAHLE. Keith -JHB

Sbu amos
2022-11-12 14:15:30
I am a boy whos only 19 years old i wanna say to all men be a gud man who give love to his family and please teach younger people while their is young so that we can have a brighter future and have all men respecting their wives and kids and also their self

2022-11-17 14:07:40
if only all men could take responsibility for themselves an their loved ones the would could be a better place.

2022-11-17 14:07:43
if only all men could take responsibility for themselves an their loved ones the would could be a better place.

2022-11-17 14:07:54
if only all men could take responsibility for themselves an their loved ones the would could be a better place.

pastor smith
2022-11-17 14:09:23
courage all your family members to be a b4l.and forfull gods purpose on earth

2022-11-19 12:44:22
Hi Brothers i think we must spread this canpaighn to rural areas,i from a rural area n young brothers there don’t know how precious weman and children are. Maybe at High Schools this can help. To me a woman is like a “AN EXPENSIVE GOLDEN GLASS, THAT I DON’T THINK OF SCRACHING IT EVEN A SINGLE DAY” children are “FUTURE LEADERS, if we abuse them who will lead us when get old. Do the right thing.

2022-11-23 12:15:08
Well done, you are already succesful

2022-11-24 17:03:10
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[email protected]
2022-11-25 13:02:17
u can have lot of money,properties, friends, but if u don’t have luv or respect for women n u beat them, your nothing but water that flows to all direction without a stoping point. respect women as you respect your wealth

2022-11-25 13:45:28
What is a brother?
Undeniably – he is not the giver of ill-advised thoughts ? he is sagacious
Who is a brother?
Undoubtedly – not a double agent to his family ? he is trustworthy
Where is a brother?
Unquestionably – not at a position called nowhere-everywhere ? he is unswerving
My brother is like a butterfly ? he doesn?t sting
My brother is like a teddy-bear ? he doesn?t bite
My brother is like cotton ? he is always warm
My brother is like a child ? he forgives easily
Heaven is a place for him because he is innocuous
Indeed I have a brother and he?s not a bother
A bother is like a shark ? he is a tormentor
A bother is like a caterpillar ? he is always in shit
A bother is like a hyena ? he is demonic
A bother is like a devil ? he is evil
Hell is his institution of choice because he is insidious
Definitely I have a brother and he?s not a bother
It is a person full of love ? my brother the protector
It is the one whose presence I long for ? my brother the friend
One who is always around when it is vital ? my brother the liberator
He who advocates good morals all the time ? my brother the model
That is the one I can proudly and categorically call my brother forever
Certainly I have a brother and he?s not a bother
The one who abuse women cannot be a brother but only a bother ? he is a criminal
The one who abuse defenseless children cannot be a brother ? he is an abuser
The one who sees girls as toys for his evil appetite for malevolent sex ? he is a rapist
The one who gets joy from another?s pain cannot be a brother but a bother ? he is a sadist
That I cannot call my brother for his ways bring mortification to his family
Really I have a brother and he?s not a bother
I am in need of a true brother
I need him to navigate my way through the maze of life
I require him to teach me respect as he was taught
I want him to protect me against the ways of the evil one
My family looks up to him in the days of calamity and despair
Without a doubt I have a brother and he?s not a bother
He is well-known for bringing hope to a hopeless generation
He is legendary for delivering peace in a war torn society
He is popular for his playful ways with the children of our community
He is also admired by the sisters and brothers of a bother with no border
Furthermore he is a pinnacle of strength within a family of sisters
In fact I have a brother and he?s not a bother
I have a true brother and I?m proud of him
He is a winner ? a true champion of my life
He is my guardian ? an armament of my fragile heart
I love my brother and I adore him for he doesn?t bother
Indeed I have a brother and he?s not a bother
True brothers don?t rape women so become one and make the world a better place!

Tebogo Machaba
2022-11-26 09:52:32
i think abuse of women n children can be stopped if we can look at all anglels n stop saying only women r abuse also men r abuse by women imotinal n spritul no one want to talk about that we must also teach women n children to respect men and teach men to repect women n children it will be better that way stop prching this it seens like men r hungry lion in the eyes of women n children n we will not have a better sa because of this children right we children do wat we want wedo respect any more it is because of our right (from my mind n soul)Let stop abuse men women n children together we can.

2022-11-29 09:48:16
I am a brother for life and i respect females of all ages,from 0yrs-last yrs.I propose nomore because i have my own beautiful loving,respecting and caring women and i am also expected to love,respect and care about her because is the right thing to do.It is only brothers who can make this world a better place for our children and childrens children

2022-11-29 11:49:57
its very much encouraging to see men swallong thier pride and taking responsibility, that sets a good example for us young guys. thank you guys for doing such a great job

solomzi Dingilizwe
2022-11-29 15:30:59
as ive expirienced a great lost through my behavior and abuse towards women.i have learnd a lot through this campaign.i wish we as men can know the values of women and children.through togetherness we can make a difference

2022-11-29 21:03:51
HiGuys,I recently buried my Sister due to violence by partner(boy friend).Let us care and support the women in our lives and act if you suspect abuse.

Thapelo Mogorosi
2022-11-30 18:22:32
Brothers it doesnt mean if we are heads of families we must control everything eg our partners cell,how they must dress,who to talk to.let communication be the centre of the relationship for both of you.

2022-12-04 11:05:44
you better be stupid to world but be a responsible loving faithful to your sxual partner is determined from above,love my partner i cnt cheat her.

2022-12-07 09:43:57
Well done. What role can we play as women to support you? Phambili Bafethu Phambili!!!!!!!!!!

2022-12-08 12:09:23
Let us all work together and stand against human abuse

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