About Brothers for Life

There's a new man in South Africa

Be a brother for life in your community

What can I do? How can I be involved? I want to play a role! , These are the questions and statements we get from brothers from all walks of life who want to make a positive difference in their communities. Brothers For life would like to share some ideas you can practically implement in your community to make that difference.

  • Talk to your friend , your colleagues, your brothers , your sisters, your partner, your nephews, your pastor, the sister in your local clinic, about the campaign and its values and what everyone can contribute in making a positive change

  • As Brothers, we need to understand our health a bit better, get a medical doctor on board, he can be men’s health guru, he can provide this service for free to these men’s groups, churches, societies etc.

  • Support your pregnant partner by visiting antenatal clinics with her, take time to learn more about how you can be actively involved in the pregnancy.

  • Create an ongoing relationship with men’s groups in your community and formulate ideas and plans for positive responses by brothers in the communities.

  • Request some speaking time at your workplace, at your school, at your church meeting, engage with the faith based leaders, teachers, coaches, community leaders on what you as brothers in the community can do to improve the wellness of your families and communities.

  • Develop a community activity plan by men on how they will address the key issues such as health and wellness, safety, recreational activities, responses to gender based violence, and HIV and AIDS, and other important issues in your community.

  • Propose to the local town council for the campaign activities to be integrated into the municipalities work plan.

  • Work with local CBO’s and NGO’s, have them integrate the messages to their own work; involve them in the training and other activities.

  • Participate in or host community dialogues, men’s dialogues and izimbizo addressing the key messages, ensure the participation of leaders, use premises such as schools , , community halls , soccer fields, clinics on Saturdays or Sundays for these meetings.

  • Get your local media involved, they can cover your events and activities, they can also profile the men involved in from your communities.

  • Community newspapers and radio stations are often looking for good stories. You can provide stories about brothers working together to make a difference

  • Get your local sports clubs on board , they can help you reach younger men as well

  • Strike a working relationship with taverns and shebeen owners, host pool or street soccer competitions and use this as a platform to engage men

  • Work with hostels develop a good relationship with the leaders there and get them to place the Brothers For Life campaign on their agenda.

  • Build a relationship with trade unions and use the campaign as a key tool in mobilizing men in the work place, providing training materials and support where you can.

  • Most importantly, Be a brother for life by living the values of the campaign and thereby setting a good example to other brothers in your community .

Regularly visit the Brothers For Life website to have your say and to share with us what you are doing as Brother for life.