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Brothers for Life, in partnership with Lifeline Limpopo, took their Medical Male Circumcision (MMC) campaign roadshows to Matswi village on Friday last week. Local DJs, poets, singers and dancers took to the stage to educate people about the benefits of MMC, show their support for the campaign, and persuade their community to join the movement to create an HIV-free generation.
“I just got… continue reading


SANAC Men’s Sector and Brothers for Life Media Statement February 20, 2015We are appalled at the call of the ANC in the Free State for the de-registration of the Treatment Action Campaign (TAC). We find this call disturbing, to say the least, given the huge track record of the TAC in the fight against poor health services, and given its positive contribution towards the prevention and treatment… continue reading


Brothers for Life strongly condemns the inappropriate and illegal use of our logo by the Mangaung Men’s Sector in a March against the TAC, Brothers for Life is a non-political campaign by men across the country that aims to promote men’s health. TAC is a valuable and important organization that has always championed for the rights of people living with HIV, including Men’s Health. We actively… continue reading


Imagine a woman known as Four -Five —township slang for ‘penis’. Manana Thamani earned this strange nickname through her work campaigning for medical male circumcision (MMC) in Orange Farm, south of Johannesburg. It is one she wears with pride. 
Thamani (37) works for the Centre for HIV and AIDS Prevention Studies (CHAPS), an organisation specialising in medical male circumcision. Thamani… continue reading


New MMC Campaign calls on South African men and boys to “ZING”


This 31 year-old man from Soshanguve, north of Pretoria, is a changed man and recently took to the stage at the Brothers for Life roadshow where he spoke openly about the events that led to his crime.
Banda first learnt of Brothers for Life while he was in prison and instantly knew he wanted to join the movement. Brothers for Life is a national men’s health and social movement which seeks to… continue reading


The roadshow which featured medical male circumcision messages such as hygiene, low risk of HIV and condom use saw scores of men and women taking shade – all eagerly wanted to learn a thing or two about medical male circumcision.
The Brothers for Life roadshow which is wholly funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), sought to educate men and women about medical… continue reading


“I needed to change, because my antics robbed me of an opportunity to pass matric, I had more enemies than friends.  I joined Brothers for Life and learnt about health, self-respect and what it really means to be a man.” 
He attributes his ugly past to peer pressure, which for him meant proving his worth by having money and showing physical strength by moering his many sexual partners… continue reading



About Brothers for Life

Brothers for Life promote positive male norms and encourage the uptake of health services such as Medical Male Circumcision (MMC), Men taking up HIV Testing, Consistent condom use by Men and reduction of sexual partners. The campaign mobilises men to actively engage in activities to address Gender-Based Violence (GBV) in their communities.