Gender-Based Violence Campaign, 2017

Anti-Rape Campaign

Brothers for Life: Pre-testing TV scripts for the Rape prevention campaign

Treatment Campaign, 2017

Treatment and Adherence Viral Load Supression (To download this video, mouse over it, right click and select SAVE LINK AS)

Treatment and Adherence Viral Load Supression (with Subtitles)

Medical Male Circumcision Research, 2017

Medical Male Circumcision Campaign – Kagiso Modupe

Formative research into medical male circumcision with uncircumcised men

Post-broadcast evaluation of the Brothers for Life medical male circumcision “Salon” campaign

HIV Counselling and Testing, 2016

Brothers for Life Amajimbos Music Video

Testaboy – Positive Status

TestaBoy Negative Status


HIV Know the Facts

Ambassador Videos

Young man living healthily with HIV for 5 years. He is an activist and still enjoys fitness and having a good night out with his friends in Durban. WATCH SIMISO MSOMI STORY

He has been living with HIV for 22 years, gallery owner, two daughters. Counsels people in his community. WATCH SHANE PETZER STORY

Husband is HIV positive, Wife is HIV Negative – Live and work in Durban. WATCH OZIEL MDLETSHE /NOMPUMELELO MDLETSHE STORY

Community activist from Soweto and performing artist. He has recorded a song and music video for the campaign. WATCH BONGANI NKOSI STORY

Community activist from Soweto and Determined to live healthy and stay negative. WATCH BONGANI KHONZA STORY

Young single mother living with HIV. Sits on various youth panels to advise on HIV and is a motivational Speaker and counselor. WATCH LEBO MOTSUMI

One of only a handful of Muslim people openly living with HIV in South Africa. Her voice is an important reminder of the stigma that still needs to be broken down. WATCH FAGHMEDA MILLER STORY

Husband and Wife living positively with HIV. WATCH WILLIAM AND FIKILE STORY

‘Confirmation of an unspoken truth’: Community perspectives on men’s HIV testing behaviour

Medical Male Circumcision

Not in My Name Campaign

New Manifesto

  • Brothers for Life New Manifesto Advert

Hiv Testing and Counselling

Greame Smith speaking after taking up an HIV test

John Smit speaking after taking up an HIV test

Gender-Based Violence

Men’s Wellness Toolkit

Game of Life Campaign


Radio Commercials




Brothers for Life Manifesto

TV Advertisements

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  • Brothers for Life Original Launch Advert

Radio Advertisements

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Brothers for Mothers


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Men and Risks

Risks, Health and Violence